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Aaron is a designer and innovator who can't stop his mind, with all kinds of ideas in his mind. He has been in the airsoft industry for a while already and is actually one of the very first Youtubers to have a dedicated airsoft channel called ‘Aaron Airsoft’ since 2016. His ambition for airsoft led him to produce more than 100 airsoft gameplay videos. This ambition and interest in airsoft later led to an incredible journey of founding CTM TAC in 2019 to design quality products for the airsofters and give back to the community.


Jeff is an avid airsofter and a true enthusiast. He is the person in charge when it comes to planning, cinematography, and creating great venues for the airsoft community. Apart from his professionalism, he is the source of many great jokes in our team bringing us all great laughter and joy. We are seriously thinking about framing some of his jokes on our walls! He has a knack for strategic planning and also has a wide variety of business sectors always bringing a fresh perspective to the table. His high standards for every little detail is one of the reasons why we are where we are today.



Omer is the face of the CTM team. He is the video host who is responsible for all CTM products. He is a Mechanical Engineer by trade and a great tactician on the airsoft fields. He is also very interested in optimizing various hardware around his house and true networking geek with many DIY products under his belt. Apart from his Chinese speaking ability, he is very friendly to be around and will tell you interesting facts about your favorite dinosaurs.


Jack is a very accomplished designer. He has outstanding design concepts and along with great techniques. He has a high degree of user-centered design phycology for every single product that he creates. Always goes the extra mile when designing and creating different ideas. He also has extensive knowledge about different manufacturing processes like CNC, Injection molding, and 3D Printing. His ambition for the airsoft fuels him for designing great products for the community.


Jhong is our product designer who plays an important role during all stages of CTM product development. He has a passion for finding solutions that allow our community to intuitively use CTMproducts. He is also very skilled at translating the goal of the product into a functional user experience and nurturing that experience as the product matures through different stages of the product life cycle. Apart from being the silent yet powerful person behind our designs, he is still developing his skills on airsoft, so go easy on him!


Howard is a sales expert. He is well equipped with an in-depth understanding of the airsoft community and various airsoft services. He has the best friendly service attitude out there with a never-fading smile on his face. He likes to take on new challenges and set new standards for the industry. He is also helping us with packaging, inspection, and testing to ensure perfect customer feedback. No flaws have escaped from his careful eyes in the production and we are glad to have him for his amazon quality control and testing capabilities. Finally, he is a total beast in the airsoft fields!

Quality Control Department

Our valueable partners responsible for product assembly and quality control.

Long Long






Creative Thoughts Manufacturer - CTM Brand story

  • Founding idea
    For us, every customer’s suggestions and feedback are crucial. We carefully review all the feedback and strive for improvements to optimize our customers’ user experience. Our goal is to be to provide high-quality products at affordable prices.
  • Brand Concept
    In CTM, we design our products for the airsoft community; from simplest accessories to complex equipment, are all created with user-centric, unique, and innovative design principles. We are love going after new challenges in this everchanging airsoft world.
  • CTM Feature
    At CTM apart from manufacturing our designs, we also welcome unique and novel ideas from the community and we’d love to help with the manufacturing process. We can make your designs a reality with our extensive knowledge in CNC and Plastic Injection Molding techniques. If you are interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Enjoy, Have fun, , and create the core values of survival games

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Online payment, Paypal pay, we have a comprehensive return and exchange mechanism, so that you can buy goods with peace of mind and enjoy the best service when returning or replacing goods.

Professional configuration

Reasonable prices, high-quality products, well-designed. We have a professional design team and a first-class production line. Every product can only be shipped after our strict control. We will review and improve your suggestions and feedback to us as our top priority. , And make every effort to provide you with the best product quality.

Product Information

The product page has a 3D display, giving you more different perspectives of information, so that you are no longer just a lifeless information page when you buy a product.

Reputation first, Quality first, Customer first

With an eye on long - term development and creating larger values for the customers, according to the rule of " reputation first, quality first, customer first ", with comprehensive design - tracking individual service, satisfying the different customers ' requirements, we have won broad customers ' sincere auspice and trust.