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AP7-SUB Replica SMG kit - Iron Man Limited Edition

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  • The original price is NT$8,000, and the special package is NT$6,800.
    This AP7 Iron Man kit is a limited edition,

    Weight: 900g
    Material : Nylon + 20% fiber
    Length: 37mm-58mm

    Package Contents :
    AP7-SUB Replica SMG kit *1
    AAP-01 Frame Grip *1

    This kit adopts a complex and special painting process,we did not use the general painting method, so the effect presented is as shiny as Iron Man's armor.
    The special painting process is not easy to cause the paint to fall off during use Case.
    Because the production process is very complicated, the price has also risen a lot.

  • Please note that this product is being manufactured and available for pre-orders.
    **Due to Covid-19 supply constrains, we can not confirm exact arrival time yet it usually takes 1-2 months. **
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