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AAP-01/C FUKU-2 Nylon Frame

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  • Material:Nylon+20% fiberglass
    Colors:BK / GY / TAN / SV / CGD(limited) / EP SV(limited) / EP GD(limited)

    · FUKU-2 Nylon Frame *1 pcs
    (Does not include FUKU-2 CNC aluminum accessories)

    Feature :
    Compatible with original parts.
    2. Ambidextrous Operation.
    3. High quality plastic material, very durable.

    Note :
    BK, GY and DE are colored before injection mounding; however, the process of making SV, CGD and EGD colors are more complicated. 
    In order to prevent threads on a frame be painted, an uncolored frame will be painted with screws on it.
    Both jig and sprayer circle the frame around to perform a flawlessly even painting.
    The reason why silver color is more expensive is that normal paints are usually scratched off a surface, but our process can enhance the adhesiveness of the silver paint, which is why the price is higher.

    You need to purchase "Fuku-2 Frame CNC Aluminum Accessories".

    ***Cannot be used with AAP-01 Holster, but you can choose GA Holster.

  • Please note that this product is being manufactured and available for pre-orders.
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Fuku-2 Frame CNC Aluminum Accessories

Fuku-2 Frame CNC Aluminum Accessories

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