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Hi-capa 5.1 split slide - FLATLINE for TM - Electroplated

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  • Material : 6061 Aluminum.
    Color : Electroplated Rainbow / Electroplated Glod / Chrome
    Weight : 139.5 g

    FLATLINE introduction
    Meet the FLATLINE Hi-CAPA Split-Slide. Named to evoke a sense of a halted heartbeat, we aim for players to experience the sensation of a pulse flatline when encountering our product.

    Why did we choose the name "FLATLINE" for our new product?
    We named it "FLATLINE" to create a feeling of a stopped heartbeat for the players, just like the feeling you get when you see your first love. However, this is an exaggeration. Our main goal is to create innovative products with diverse designs, ideas, and layers. Our hard work and dedication are reflected in this product, and we hope that you can feel it when you experience it. During the design and testing phases, there were moments that made our hearts skip a beat and our pulse race. We worked tirelessly for many months to refine and test this product to make it the best it can be. We hope that when you hold this new Hicapa Slide, you'll love it so much that your heart skips a beat. Of course, we don't want your heart to stop, but we want you to enjoy this slide with its unique style, multifaceted layers, and innovative design. In the future, we plan to design more Hicapa Slides with different styles to offer you more options.

    Package Contents: 
    ⠂CNC Outer Barrel *1
    --- CNC 11mm CW to 14mm CCW thread adapter *1 (M2.5*4 set screw *1)
    --- CNC Thread protector *1
    --- CNC Front sight *1 (M2.5*4 screw *1, M2.5*8 set screw *1)
    --- CNC TDC HOP adjust wheel *1 (Tensioner screw  *1, 2.5mm steel ball *1, 3mm spring *1, M3*2 screw *1)
    --- CNC Cover plate *1

    --- M3*8 screw *2
    ⠂CNC Riser Plate *1 
    --- M3*10 spare screws for optics *2
    ⠂CNC Recoil spring guide plug *1
    ⠂CNC Slide *1
    ⠂CNC Rear sight mount set *1
    --- CNC Adjustable rear sight *1
    --- M3*5 elevation adjustment screw *1
    --- 6.5mm spring *2

    --- M4*5 screw with nylon washer *1 (use when charging handle is detached)
    ⠂CNC Ambidextrous charging handle *1
    --- M4*6 screw *1
    ⠂Non-tilting block *3
    ⠂2mm*60mm optic fiber stick *1
    ⠂CNC Short stroke buffers 5mm buffer *1
    ⠂CNC Short stroke buffers 10mm *1
    ⠂Nylon washer 1mm *3
    ⠂Allen key M1.27x17x47 *1
    ⠂Allen key M1.5x17x47 *1
    ⠂Allen key M2x17x50 *1
    ⠂Allen key M2.5x19x53 *1
    ⠂Manual *1

    ⠂High-precision 6061 CNC aluminum.
    ⠂Split-Slide and fixed barrel design, lightweight and agile.
    ⠂TDC wheel design for easy and precise adjustment, highly adaptive to different fields.
    ⠂Detachable Ambidextrous charging handle for easy operation in various situations.
    ⠂Integrated optic plate on the outer barrel provides an absolute co-witness sight picture.
    ⠂An extra optic riser plate is included for more optic choices.
    ⠂11mm muzzle with a 14mm to 11mm adapter and a thread cap for various muzzle devices like tracers.
        Note: Please take down the set screw before removing the thread adapter
    ⠂Compatible with original Tokyo Marui 5.1 / 4.3 spec middle frame.
    ⠂Elevation Adjustable rear sight allows more precise adjustment.
    ⠂Compatible with Tokyo Marui original iron sights.
    ⠂Included Short Stroke Kit provides a faster and more responsive operating.
     Note: Please always install the short stroke kit with the FLATLINE.
    ⠂Included an enhanced nozzle spring for smoother feeding.
    ⠂Non-tilting block design prevents the outer barrel from tilting.
    The outer barrel doesn’t make contact with the middle frame so it is normal to wobble a bit, players can use it to fix the outer barrel to improve accuracy and performance.

    Our FLATLINE Hi-CAPA Split-Slide is a revolutionary product designed to provide unbeatable durability and performance. It is made of high-precision 6061 CNC aluminum and features a split-slide and fixed barrel design, which makes it lightweight and agile. The slide weighs only 41.5g (1.46oz), allowing for quick and maneuverable action on the field. Equipped with a TDC wheel design, it ensures precise accuracy and allows players to adjust the hop-up easily without taking down the slide, giving you the upper hand in every shot. The FLATLINE Split-Slide is equipped with ambidextrous charging handles, which provide added convenience and ease of use for both left and right-handed shooters. It is also compatible with Tokyo Marui original rear sight, giving players different options. The outer barrel features an integrated optic plate that provides an absolute co-witness sight picture, giving you pinpoint accuracy even in the most challenging situations. An extra optic riser plate will be included in the package for more optic choices. It is recommended to cancel the slide-stop function and use the Short Stroke Kit and the enhanced nozzle spring included. Our exclusive non-tilting block design can improve accuracy and performance by fixing the hop-up chamber and the outer barrel.
    The FLATLINE Split-Slide is also tracer-ready, features an 11mm muzzle with 14mm thread adapter, offering various options for muzzle devices. 
    In short, the FLATLINE split-slide for Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA is the ultimate choice for serious airsoft players seeking unparalleled precision, agility, and reliability in their airsoft pistol. Its advanced features make it a must-have for those looking for a competitive edge in today's airsoft landscape.

    Due to electroplating process initial fitment of the outer barrel to the frame can be very tight, you may have to push downward on a strong non abrasive surface or utilize a rubber mallet and vise or similar.

    This version can support slide stop function.

  • Please note that this product is being manufactured and available for pre-orders.
    **Due to Covid-19 supply constrains, we can not confirm exact arrival time yet it usually takes 1-2 months. **
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NTD $5980
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