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AAP-01/C 160% Non-linear performance spring (German piano wire)

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  • COLOR:
  • Material: Music Spring Wire (SWP-A)
    Weight : 0.7g
    Origin: German
    Annealed and Rustproofing

    Package Contents : 
    160% Non-linear performance spring *1pcs 

    Features : 
    1. Increased bolt cycle speed.
    2. The guide rod will not strike the bolt.
    3. Improved balance to improve the ‘feel’ which gives a much smoother cyclic action.
    4. Reduce recoil.
    5. Smooth, consistent BB feeding.

  • Please note that this product is being manufactured and available for pre-orders.
    **Due to Covid-19 supply constrains, we can not confirm exact arrival time yet it usually takes 1-2 months. **
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