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AAP-01/C FUKU-2 Reaper kit - Picatinny Stock Adapter and RMR Mount

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  • COLOR:
  • Material: CNC 6061 Alu / Stainless steel
    Weight: 180 g
    Color: BK / GY 

    Package Contents : 
    · Backstrap Body *1 (Including stainless QD sling mount)
    · Magwell *1
    · Ambidextrous Side Charging Handle
    · RMR mount
    · Picatinny Riser for RMR mount

    The REAPER is a cutting-edge pistol carbine kit crafted from high-strength 6061 aluminum using 5-axis precision machining. The kit includes an ambidextrous QD sling mount made from stainless steel for durability.

    The manufacturing of this product is highly challenging, especially the body of the Reaper kit, which is machined from a solid block of aluminum using 5-axis precision CNC machining. This results in machining marks on the inner surfaces but ensures exceptional versatility when used with CTM magwell, magazine base plate, HPA adapter, and various red dot sights. The kit is also compatible with a range of aftermarket Picatinny stocks.

    Features :
    Compatible with both stock and CTM AAP-01 lower frames.
    · Includes ambidextrous stainless steel QD sling mounts, allowing for the attachment of various QD sling attachments.
    · The RMR mount is compatible with multiple red dot sights, featuring two footprints that accommodate most micro red dots on the market.
    · Standard Picatinny Rail can be mounted on the RMR mount as an optic riser that allows even more optics options.
    · Magwell allows faster reloading and is compatible with various CTM magazine base plate, including the Extension Plate and HPA adapter.
    · Ambidextrous Side Charging Handle allows the player to operate their FUKU-2 from both sides.
    · The Reaper kit backstrap is compatible with both stock AAP-01 &AAP-01C, and CTM Frame Grip& FUKU-2 Nylon Frame, offering high levels of versatility.
    · The Reaper backstrap is made with 5-axis CNC machining, resulting in a precise fit and finish, ensuring a comfortable and non-abrasive grip.
    · A cutout above the rear Picatinny of the Reaper kit aids in quick and clear alignment of the pistol’s iron sights.
    · The rear Picatinny of the Reaper kit is designed to be compatible with various aftermarket Picatinny stocks.
    · The Reaper kit remains exceptionally lightweight, ensuring it doesn't add noticeable weight to the pistol after installation.

    When combining the REAPER backstrap with CTM lower frames, there might be a slight tightness in the connection, especially with painted versions. To install, please push firmly until the frame holes are about to align with the backstrap. Then, slowly turn the included crosshead screw (M3*35mm) from the package. This will allow for an easy and secure installation.

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    **Due to Covid-19 supply constrains, we can not confirm exact arrival time yet it usually takes 1-2 months. **
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